Downhole Video Imaging

In an ideal world, oil and gas operators would have no problem in their well, much as in our everyday lives we would rather not to have to visit the doctor. However, the reality is that unless we are very lucky we have to visit the doctor and, similarly, wells have problems that require diagnosis.

In the last five years downhole video technology have been accepted as a key wellbore diagnostic tool in oil and gas industry. TPK's cameras can be used for temperatures up to 175 degrees Centigrade and 15,000 psi for the wide range of applications including:

* Assisting in fishing operations.
* Identifying and assessing corrosion and well integrity issues.
* Confirming the performance of sub-surface safety valves.
* Monitoring scale and salt build-up.
* Inspecting completion equipment including screens and hangers.
* Evaluating gas or water entry into the wellbore.