TCP(Tubing Conveyed Perforation)

Tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) completion techniques enable perforating very long intervals. In wells with deviations of more than 50° to 60° and short pay zones TCP is the only means to access and perforate the pay zone. TCP also facilitates running guns in highly underbalanced reservoirs and retrieving them without having to kill the well.

Our engineered firing systems and accessories along with high performing perforating guns ensure optimum results specific to all of your needs. All options can be deployed in long or short intervals and also in both balanced and underbalanced conditions. TCP systems at TPK are designed to deliver a total completions solution utilizing E-Coils.

Utilizing E-Coil accommodates using logging to get to the accurate perforating interval. This eliminates typical methods of depth control which include gamma ray tie-in and correlation to the original openhole gamma ray system. This will prevent miscalculation which may lead to shooting the gun one joint off depth, consequently reducing completion costs.

Advantages of utilizing E-Coil in TCP:

* Added level of safety: Detonator is never electrically connected until specific software command is sent.
* Positive Shot Indicator: Confirming of firing, especially in deep, horizontal well conditions.
* Eliminate Premature Activation: Gun flooding causing piston activation leading to off depth perforations.
* Operational Confirmation: Gun string confirmation throughout the decent into the wellbore providing real time confirmation before critical operations commence.
* Accurate placement of perforations: Since they are logged into place the perforations are accurately placed.